Rolling One With Los Nuevos Corridos Del Kush

Up until recently, April 20th (recognized amongst weed smokers as 420) is a holiday that has mostly been celebrated by Americans and Canadians. As the story goes, 420 was a term coined by five high-school friends also known as the “Waldos” of San Rafael, California and popularized by the infamous American Rock band The Grateful Dead. With the help of the internet, however, and the constant merging of cultures, music and special interests, 420 is a holiday that has become more socially accepted not just in the U.S. and Canada, but in other countries as well… Take for instance Mexico and the rise of the Narco-Corrido.

For those unfamiliar with the Narco-Corrido genre of music, think of it like this… What Trap music is to Rap and Hip-Hop is what the Narco-Corrido is to Banda. If you’re still in the dark about what Banda music even is, think Mexican men in cowboy boots and cowboy hats serenading with tubas, trumpets and trombones.

This being said, the selling and consumption of weed has been a recurring theme in Corridos, but never really been something that has gained recognition as much as it has up until this year…

Popular Mexican regional singer/songwriter Lenin Ramirez linked up with Banda quintet T3R Elemento to bring us “Rolling One” an ode to the cannabis culture.

Rolling one de Master Kush ando al millón/
Y un gallito de Skywalker buen sabor/
4:20 hora perfecta/
Pura mota de receta de la que crece encerrada porfavor”

“Rolling one of Master Kush I’m on a million/
And a spliff of Skywalker tastes good/
4:20 is the perfect hour/
Only indoor-grown weed please”

Check the visuals out below:

Check out another one of our favorite 420-friendly corridos  “Me Gusta Lo Verde” by Omar Ruiz here:

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