Tory Lanez Hinted At An All-Latin Album But He’s Been Singing In Spanish For Years…

Tory Lanez recently released his much anticipated sophomore album Memories Don’t Die, but he sent his fans into a frenzy when he tweeted that he plans on dropping an All-Latin album shortly after.

With artists like Cardi B and Offset collaborating with the likes of Ozuna, and Beyoncé jumping on songs with international Latin superstar J. Balvin, it’s become quite the trend lately for artists to crossover into the world of música Latina. Although it may seem as though Tory Lanez may be the next to ride the cultural wave that has become oh so trendy in today’s music, it’s important to note that last year he lent his vocals (in English) alongside Latin Trap stars Messiah and Bad Bunny on Breakfast N Vegas’ “Give It Up” which they performed for the first time recently together in NYC.

The Canadian-born rapper’s day-one fans can tell you, though, that he’s actually been writing lyrics para la cultura since he first started putting out music. We’re not too sure if this is in-part because of right-hand producer Play Picasso, who just so happens to be Cuban, or because of the Hispanic influence he has soaked up in Miami where he currently resides. Either way,  here are a few lyrics he’s dropped over the years containing un poquito de Español…

“We movin’ Diego, Diego
They move on my say so
.30 on my hip, nuevo
Just made 100, I need 8 more”

“I tell all my Spanish bitches dímelo
She say it’s for her and not for me to know
I got Hispanic bitches yelling dímelo
I’m the one that’s living shit la vida loca

Dale que tu puede, all of my Cuban mamis in the buildin’
Super duper, tell the bitch to put the trooper all over my business”
One Day

A snippet from the upcoming Latin project was released on along with a rough track list with features from Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Farruko and Bad Bunny, all whom currently reside at the top of the Latin Billboard charts. Which artists are you excited to hear collab on the new project?

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