Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” Music Video Is A Slam Dunk – Watch Here

There are only a handful of artists who can accurately claim their stamp on a certain period in time. Within the span of just over a year, Roddy Ricch has adequately done just that. Perhaps no selection in his catalog (so far) is as definitive as “The Box” has been in this digital age and at long last, the Compton superstar has debuted the music video attached to his mega-hit.

In true fashion, Roddy sets the stage in a number of scenarios that find the west coast emcee winning no matter what, from a street race, to a presidential term, to a very Vince Carter-esque finishing play. It’s clear that he’s hip to what most of us have seen all along.

Enjoy the visuals below.

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146 thoughts on “Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” Music Video Is A Slam Dunk – Watch Here

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