Fuerza Regida Anda Por Las Calles De Houston – Watch Here

For quite some time now, Houston has served as the musical thermometer in Urban to decipher whether or not an artist or song was hot. Take for example Drake’s love for the city and his first sold out show at Warehouse Live. Most Houstonians would agree that it was the endless support from the city that took Drake to the top.

In the urbanization of Regional Mexican music, it seems as though Houston continues to play an important role in a seemingly new sound for the genre.

Fuerza Regida, one of the pioneering groups of Trap Corridos, recently paid the city of Houston a visit to shoot visuals for their new song Por Las Calles De Houston. The new video shows the group visiting local Mexican hot spots and businesses such as El Botanero Liquor Store, Xtreme Offroad Park, and Tires R Us.

Shot and directed by Barf, a Houston-based filmmaker who has worked with everyone from Esteban Gabriel, to Sauce Walka to Porte Different, the video includes a cameo from Rancho Humilde’s newest signee Bo Bundy, also from Houston.

Check Out Por Las Calles De Houston below:


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