“Straight out the Co, I just landed in Cali.” Wacotron is putting the 254 on the map with the help of Moe Shalizi

Waco, Texas hasn’t had a serious player in the rap game for a long time. Wacotron is looking to change that. Moe Shalizi, founder of The Shalizi Group, which manages Marshmello and 808 Mafia’s Southside, quickly signed the new artist to his newest venture, Pick Six Records. Wacotron is a hard hitting and whitty lyricist. Most recently, his bars were put on display with a collaboration with 808 Mafia, which produced his top songs, “Toothpaste”, “Cut Me Up” and “Take Off.” With so many ad libs, mumble rap and more emphasis on beats, it’s exciting to see rappers like Wacotron sticking to their strong suit, story telling. He shows this off with his newest release , “Gram and A Hoodie.” Pick Six Records is looking to make a splash in 2021 with other signee, Morray, and Wacotron leading the way. Expectations for his first album are high, one that could release later in 2o21. Listen to Wacotron here.


“I’m nice with the green in the Pack, Eddie Lacy
Boy I went blind lookin’ at how you hate me
Don’t lie about it, the struggle what made me
But I never switch, I ain’t KD or Brady”



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