Doeman Pushes The Political Envelope With “AMERIKKKA” – Watch Here

Doeman has been pushing the political envelope for quite some time now and is relentless when it comes to raising awareness about racial inequalities and political injustices. His latest visuals for “AMERIKKKA” are no different.

The video opens with a soundbyte of “Tirando La H” from fellow Houstonian and popular Regional Mexican singer Esteban Gabriel and goes from 0-100 as the Dyna Music Group rapper puts on his best Donald Trump impersonation and quickly flips the script.


“Welcome to Amerikkka where cops kill us. Welcome to the hood where we cop killas.  Moonwalking on this earth, but this is not thrilla. I’m from a place where they only respect the top killa.”

What may seem like just another politically charged video is actually a musical dedication to Joe Campos Torres, Vanessa Guillen, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Antonio Montes, Stephon Clark, Alton Sterling, and Jesse Romero.

Watch AmeriKKKa here:

*Disclaimer: This video was not recorded to promote violence against law enforcement, but to raise awareness that minorities are not and have never been treated equally in this country.

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