Bad Bunny Teases Forthcoming Album With Sech-Assisted “Ignorantes”

Hours before delivering on his newest track, Bad Bunny took to Instagram to ask his followers: “Who’s ready to dance and cry at midnight?”

Soon enough he would follow through on the prompt as he and Afro-Panamian luminary Sech delivered on their newest “Ignorantes” collaboration. The finished product is an addictive break-up anthem that finds the two in perfect balance. It marks the first time that the duo has come together on an official track, and notably comes attached to a clip inclusive of LGBTQ romance, making note of yet another notch in Bad Bunny’s push in toning down hyper-masculinity in música urbano.

The cut also takes us one step closer toward the eventual arrival of Bad Bunny’s next full-length effort, YHLQMDLG (Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana or I Do What I Want).

Until that arrives, enjoy “Ignorantes.” 


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